Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My "Hello world!" food blog post

My own food blog - something that's been long overdue.

I've been cooking since I was eight. Well if you call mixing up some crushed Marie biscuits with a few pats of butter, a whole can of milkmaid and a good shower of Cadburys' cocoa powder - cooking. Then, yes I'm a child prodigy in the kitchen.

After months of ogling at all the beautiful food blogs out there, I've finally taken a break from everything else to get my own food blog up and going. My food blog may sometimes morph into an outlet where I rant about things other than food or just a place to pen down something that I want to share.

I hope to make sense and give reasonable explanations to some of the weird things I do with recipes.(not all that weird) I'm going to try real hard to have pictures of the actual dish with all of my posts.Except this one. :)

Yellow flowers in my garden after a bout of the monsoons.

A little culinary background about me - food is always on mind.When I'm halfway through my breakfast I'm already planning lunch and for the most part dinner is the most elaborate meal at home. So not good for my abs I know I know.

I 'm always interested in finding the ultimate recipe.The ultimate idli, the most perfect chocolate chip cookie, the chicken biryani to-die-for. I'm really bad at coping with food disasters.
But maybe that will change through this blog. I'm setting out on an all out foodie adventure.Try new things.Mix and match. Incorporate my two year old's suggestions of adding some sand into the chocolate milk shake whizzing in the blender."More chocolate mommy!". Maybe not that adventurous.
And by the way mix and match is no longer the less expensive option at S Stop.

Well I guess I haven't stuck to one topic as usual but enough said for my first blog post!
Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen :)


    I'm glad Cookie Shutter is here!!!!!
    Looking forward to many mouth watering moments!!


  2. Way to go girl! Looking forward to some great recipes!


  3. Awesome! Can't wait to try these recipes and more!