Friday, February 5, 2010

Cinnamon raisin walnut swirl bread with a .....

cinnamon sugar swirl and a cinnamon sugar crust. A whole lot of cinnamon in this bread that tasted absolutely fantastic. I loved how the plump raisins and crunchy walnuts made this bread almost dessert-like. The bread itself was pleasantly sweet, the crust was slightly chewy and the innards were soft and perfect with gorgeous, large swirls of melted cinnamon sugar. And it smelled soooo good. We sliced off thick slices and some of us had it toasted (with butter of course) and I smothered mine with peanut butter for an experience that took me right back to sitting down to an all American breakfast. Miles and miles away from where my fast depleting bottle of cinnamon sugar was actually made. Sniff.


I think it would be safe to say that cinnamon is a much loved spice in America. When I first got there I just couldn't understand why there was cinnamon everywhere and in everything. Cinnamon buns, cinnamon scented candles, cinnamon body wash and lip balm, cinnamon spice lattes, cinnamon in pies, oatmeal and cookies. It was magically there in all kinds of food. Especially during the holiday season where it smelled like cinnamon was just suspended in the air. And if you've eaten it all your life - I guess it doesn't surprise you all that much but for me it was wonderful - how a little dash of cinnamon made everything taste so homemade, warm and toasty. In fact whenever I got back from a vacation to India, the familiar smell of cinnamon baking away all rolled up inside a Cinnabon at the airport never failed to make me smile.


Very much like how cardamom is to Indian cooking. Ground cardamom is used extensively as a final flourish in Indian desserts and we use them as a whole spice to flavor curries,pulaos and other savory food. If you've just been introduced to Indian food - you can detect it even in the slightest form. But for someone who has eaten Indian food all their life - you can't expect them to say "Oooooh I can the taste cardamom in there", but if you've forgotten to add the cardamom in there - then expect to hear "Some thing's missing".


This is a another classic from the exceptional book "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" by Peter Reinhart. If you love to bake - this is a must have. After achieving much success with Reinhart's amazing pizza dough - this recipe reinforces the fact that this book is incredible. It really works. It's amazing how someone who hasn't baked a whole lot of bread before can make loaves that taste so homemade with an artisan touch.

For the recipe, it's 3 a.m and I can barely keep my eyes open and the pictures are making me hungry again, so I figured why not reuse? I'm leaving you with two links to more descriptive and very well written posts on how to make this bread Arundathi's Food Blog. And another post from A tiger in the kitchen with pictures and notes. The recipe makes two loaves - and it's perfect for sharing.


As an added note, your home smells so good while these loaves are baking. You want to skip with joy. Nothing compares to the smell of freshly baked bread. Happy baking!


  1. wow, this bread looks so delicious and yummy! I love cinnamon in almost everything including my morning breakfast oatmeal to night desserts :) I am surely going to love this one too. nice clicks!

  2. this is marvelous..its amazing how ive come to absolutely LOVE cinnamon in most dishes...I even add it to my coffee now...strangely not too fond of cardamon..the bread looks great. Not really tried baking many kinds of bread though would love to try this

  3. This looks delicious, and all I can think is to leave it sit... an then make bread pudding out of it :P Perfect for it!

  4. Bread looks fantastic, swirls have come out perfect!

  5. Gosh the cinnamon bread looks absolutely delicious...awesome clicks :)

  6. Beautiful pics.. although I am not a fan of Cinnamon.. but these look sooooooo appetizing!

  7. A perfect loaf. I can smell its fragrance from here. If I baked this for my husband, he would never touch the store-bought stuff he dearly loves again. ; )

  8. @PJ - I love cinnamon Initially Iwas bit overwhelmed but now I can't wait to add a dash into everything.

    @s - you souldtry this bread just for the pretty swirl but most importantly for the wonderful aroma that fills our home.

    @mees0 - you are dead on. I was thinking the same thing too. Next time around - I guess I'm not going to share the second loaf. Bread pudding it is, with some orange zest grated in. :D

    @Parita and Gita - thank you so much!

  9. @Dee - welcome to Cookie Shutter and thank you for your kind words. :D

    @Susan - I can't blame him. If he loves the store bought stuff he will go nuts over this loaf. I especially loved the cinnamon sugar crust which added an extra crunch and boost of cinnamon.

  10. Wow looks so yum..nice click too

  11. Hey Sweetie, haven't heard you in a while... hope you and the family are well.

    I love raisin loaves.

  12. Hey Shwetha! I love the gorgeous swirls you achieved. Yeast and I just cannot be friends. I'm so bad with voluminous breads. Just how bad? Even the supremely easy NY times no knead bread failed on me!

  13. 人生的價值以及他的快樂,都在於他有能力看重自己的生存........................................

  14. hey..why have u not been posting ....? miss seeing those gorgeous pics

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  16. Thanks so much for the link -- your bread looked amazing! Congrats ...

  17. i didn't know that cardamom was so important! thanks for that tip.
    this looks soo good. perfect texture!

  18. This looks really yummy! i will always love to try new dishes, and i will surely try to cook this tonight.

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