Friday, October 2, 2009

Mango Mousse with Saffron and Pistachio

I'm happiest when I bake a batch of cookies or whip up a good dessert. It's magical to see a few ingredients that were just lying on your table turn into something as luscious as the Alphonso mango mousse that I made yesterday. At 2 a.m no doubt. For those of you who know me real well, it shouldn't surprise you at all.(read CBD)


When I fall asleep at night my brain is usually clicking away thinking about flavors and combinations and cool new ideas to experiment with in my kitchen. It's more interesting than counting sheep. Trust me - try it and you'll find going to bed on a sweet note helps.

Discovered this beautiful bottle of organic Alphonso mango puree. Divine just by itself. It's being made and sold by AshtaVinayak Farms. One tiny taste and you can tell that it's good stuff. Amazingly good stuff, sans that metallic taste which I swear I can detect sometimes in canned fruit and it has the most gorgeous vivid orange you can imagine. It's liquid gold. That's what it is.

The mousse turned out perfect. Of course it should when you follow the recipe on this fairytale blog Tartelette by Helen - genius beyond compare . I then topped it with a saffron and mango sauce. Chopped pistachios were added for a difference in texture and a whopping green that contrasted perfectly against the mango-ey orange color.


The recipe for the Mango Saffron sauce is as below. Any modifications for the mousse recipe from my end? None, except that I always (out of a habit mostly) strain the fruit puree after adding in the gelatin. Just to catch any lumps and grits. Follow the original recipe for the mousse. The mango sauce goes on the mousse after the mousse has firmed up a bit(this about 2-3 hours in the fridge). Return to the fridge after topping the mousse with the sauce and chill for at least 4 - 6 hrs or until firm. The nuts are added just before serving or they'll end up being soggy.

This was very easy to put together. The mousse was delicious - light and airy. Ringing with the Alphonso goodness. Definitely going to be making this again. More than once for sure.


Here are some additional notes for my readers who are making a mousse for the very first time.

You don't need an electric beater to whip the cream. So don't fret if you don't have one.(It helps a LOT though).I have whipped cream using just a hand whisk and it works just fine. It just takes a little longer and more muscle effort.
Make sure that the cream is well chilled. And if you live in an area where it's exceptionally warm, use an ice bath to hold the bowl in which you whip the cream to help the cream whip up easily.
Gelatin dissolves better when left to bloom. To bloom gelatin add water and allow it to rest and absorb the water. The crystals will be spongy and water laden. This takes about 10 mins.



Saffron Mango Sauce


10 strands of good saffron
1 tbsp of hot milk
4 tbsp of mango puree


You can make this sauce right after you make the mousse. Chill the sauce until the mousse has firmed up a bit, top it with a layer of the sauce and return to the fridge to chill for 6 hours or until firm.
Soak the saffron in the hot milk for 20 mins. Allow the mixture to come to room temperature. Mix in the mango puree. If the fruit that you're using is not sweet enough, add a tsp of sugar.

And now you're in mango heaven. Amen.


  1. wow!seems simple,exotic and yummy. will try definetely!

  2. wow that looks so lovely esp its colour...just superb pic and must be really delicious

  3. Wow!! Wow!! hats off to u..excllnt presentation dea..

  4. it looks awesome! I love the click!

  5. Hi Shwetha, Thanks for dropping by dear, helped me explore yours. I realised we both have started blogging the same month.'Hum Saath Saath Hain' he he..
    The mousse looks perfect, saffron and alfonso...too tempting a thought.
    Liked the way you write, will keep coming back as I am following you.
    Do find time and keep visiting.

  6. Hey Shweta, thanks for visiting my blog, I discovered yours!! You have a lovely blog, and this pudding looks out of this world good! I love the flower in the pictures, its been my favorite since childhood, I love the aroma, but the funniest thing is I do not know what its called hehe...

  7. Wonderful pics! I'm glad that I discovered your blog, thanks for visiting mine!

  8. Hi Shwetha, Please accept a 'Giant Bear Hug' from me at my blog!

  9. Wow wat a gorgeous mango mousse Shwetha, looks terrific..Thanks for ur encouraging words dear, u can definitely use any other veggies instead of chow chow..

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  11. wowwwwwwww!
    Pic luks amazing Shwetha!!!hope it tastes gr888!!!

  12. thnks for visiting,,ur pics are temptin me to try this one,..but sigh its no mango season here in DELHI,..:-(

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am loving what you are doing here! This is so very simple and beautiful. Not sure if we can get mango puree here in Canada but I bet at a specialty store I can. Love it. ... Thanks for sharing. What beautiful photography Shwetha!

  14. Hi shweth , first time here..ur blog looks nice...this one looks yummy, nice color :)

  15. Beautiful pictures! I dig those heart shaped spoons!!

  16. This dessert is beautiful! I'm sure it also tastes amazing!

  17. Outstanding and I love, love, love the photographs.

  18. Beautiful clicks and looks amazing..... I like the props that you have used with it.. do visit my blog in your leisure and send in your entries to the blog event I am hosting...

    take care.

  19. wow - your photos are magazine quality!

  20. Wowow your mousse sounds amazing! I love mango and I am sure it must be amazing with saffron :)

  21. Wow Shwetha.....

    Loved your presentation....n ur cutlery.... mousse seems delicious:)

    Will follow you ya.. from now on:)

    I m soo glad ur SIL tried Pav... n it came out well... Thank you 4 letting me know.

  22. That looks fantastic ur mousse, U ve a great blog!

  23. The mousse wonderful Shwetha! Mango in the off season is an offer not many can refuse.

    And you are totally killing me with those gorgeous heart shaped spoons.

  24. Oh and which cream do you use for this - Amul?

  25. Purple Foodie,

    We have a great diary farm outlet, Mann Dairy farm, which has real good fresh dairy products. I buy my cream from them.
    But the guy is horribly unfriendly so I don't really love going there. The stuff is so good though!
    I haven't tried using Amul for desserts that need the cream to be whipped. Maybe I'm wrong but somewhere in my head I remember somebody telling me it doesn't whip up well.
    I'm curious - do you use Amul for mousses and souffles? How does it turn out?

  26. I LOVE YOUR SPOONS! and that looks sooo wonderful!